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Sunday 31st May  –  this is the Seventh week of our series, ‘What kind of man is this?’ 

Enjoying Jesus - The message today is from Matthew 9 v 14-17


Jesus choose to speak to his disciples in 3 mini-parables . As with all the parables Jesus used in his time of ministry, they would have been very relatable to tothe disciples at the time. Parables were used as illustrations to make complex ideas more comprehensible to his followers.


The 3 parables all had the same message that Jesus had come to bring us a new life. Under a new covenant. In fact, over and over again in the New Testament, we see this comparison that having a relationship with Jesus means you become a new improved creation or having new life. In fact, if you study the life of Jesus, that was His whole mission while He was on earth. He did not come to keep everything the same or to enforce the old laws and rules that existed but to bring about something new and different. He didn’t come to reform our lives but transform it.


Jesus wants us to enjoy him for who is not living under the law which burdens us but under grace which liberates us.


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Acton Baptist Church was built in 1865. 


We are an enthusiastic and multi-cultural family church. Our worship is a good mix of modern and traditional and our bible teaching programme encourages us to pursue a deeper spiritual relationship and become the people we were made to be.

Enjoying Jesus. Matthew 9:14-17

You may be missing our Sunday services and weekly or bi-weekly house groups. I do hope that most of you have been able to watch the weekly messages “ABC at Home” on Youtube or our Facebook page or through this ABC website. We are meeting in our own homes, a scattered community of God’s people but we are still church. 

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There is also a pdf button link for family activities that you can do together. 

Youth and Family Activities

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