Pictures from Church Weekend 2016

Church Weekend 2018


We are taking bookings for our next church weekend. We are at a brand new location - Basingstoke Country Hotel. They have a spa, jacuzzi, gym and swimming pool and beautiful en-suite bedrooms. It's such a great time to get to know each other better, spend some quality time together and get some great teaching as a church family.

We have two great friends of Mick and Val coming to do the teaching - John and Janet Taylor.

Please chat to Val, Liz or Sarah to book your place before they all go.... It will be great fun.

Have a look at their website


Guy explaining the steps
Carlie adding effects
The three wise men
Azzim preparing for the dance
The long walk....
ladies of leisure
This is how you wear glow sticks
Mick's halo has slipped
yoof looking bad
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